Elin Nordegren Allegedly Consulting Famed Divorce Lawyer Sorrell Trope

By Deena Bustillo on
The latest Tiger Woods gossip is that his wife Elin Nordegren has gone ahead and enlisted divorce lawyer to the stars Sorrell Trope. Sources reported that the Swedish blonde has asked the attorney to start hashing out her divorce from the pro golfer, amidst the ugly affair scandal she and her family have endured over the last 3 weeks.Even though the divorce will happen in Florida courts, and Trope typically works in California law, sources say the guy knows his stuff and will be able to sort...Read Full Story

Get ready for divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope

By Livingly Staff on
Divorce lawyer Sorrell Trope has his next high profile case. Trope claims that he has been selected as Britney Spears divorce attorney. He told People.com , "Yes, it's true Ms. Spears quit Melvin Goldsman's firm, but we haven't been officially retained yet. "The paperwork has not been signed, and it has to have our firm's, Goldsman's, and Ms. Spears' signatures. I anticipate it will be signed on (Wednesday)."Read Full Story

Sorrell Trope to work for Britney Spears

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Britney is calling in the big guns in her fight with Kevin Federline. She has hired Sorrell Trope, a very high profile celebrity divorce attorney to help her win her legal battle for custody of the kids.Read Full Story