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By Charlotte Brittan on
Stacy Keach is an actor best known for his work in dramatic roles like American History X, and also his narration work in educational programs like PBS and the Discovery Channel. He's also been acting on the stage since 1966, when he was cast in an off-Broadway spoof called MacBird! He has starred in films like The New Centurions, Fat City, The Exorcist, and even the Cheech and Chong flick Up in Smoke. Most recently he has starred in the movies The Boxer and Chicago Overcoat, and has made...Read Full Story

Stacy Keach -- Famed actor takes on 'King Lear'

By Jake on
Stacy Keach, considered one of the best stage actors working, will tackle Shakespeare's King Lear, considered one of the greatest stage roles.The play will have a modern interpretation, being set in war-torn Yugoslavia in the 1990s.From an article at Playbill: Stacy Keach returns to the Everest of Shakespeare roles, King Lear, June 16 with the first preview of the Washington, DC, premiere of Robert Falls' production. Seeking to place King Lear in "a very specific time and place," Falls...Read Full Story