Sultan Ibragimov wins by decision against Holyfiend

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Back to the drawing board for Holyfield. I think everyone expected him to quit after this fight (ideally with a title belt) but Holyfield is talking a big game about coming back at it. Regardless, Ibragimov is fighting amazingly well. The guy can't be stopped right now. Linked from --- The sparse crowd at Khodynka Arena chanted "Sultan! Sultan!" near the end of the bout, with the fighters...Read Full Story

Holyfield quote about Sultan Ibragimov

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Holyfield lost this battle, but he is refuses to call it quits. Holyfield is about to become 45 years old...the guy still takes a beating like he's in his 20's...impressive but stupid. Linked from --- "I don't look for weaknesses," Holyfield said. "I look to see a person at his very best and ask myself if I'm better than him then. "You can't count on people making a mistake to win. Because...Read Full Story