Holyfield quote about Sultan Ibragimov

Holyfield lost this battle, but he is refuses to call it quits. Holyfield is about to become 45 years old...the guy still takes a beating like he's in his 20's...impressive but stupid.

Linked from http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?section=boxing&id=3060431&campaign=rsssrch&source=sultan+ibragimov
"I don't look for weaknesses," Holyfield said. "I look to see a person at his very best and ask myself if I'm better than him then.

"You can't count on people making a mistake to win. Because that's not his (Ibragimov) way, to make mistakes. Realistically, the way he is, he's going to do everything right. But I'm still going to look better. That's what I have to prove."
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