Songs Inspired by Rihanna

Drake's new tune "Days in the East" seems to be the latest in a string of songs about the Barbados-born performer.

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Drake has been dropping the new tunes with impressive frequency this week, the latest being "Days in the East," a moody tune that many believe was inspired by his on-and-off flame Rihanna.

Unfortunately for "Aubrih" shippers, the tune isn't exactly a celebratory ode to love but more of a meditation on enduring passion despite complications. Drake raps about waiting for the object of his affection to make the first move, and how she shouldn't ever feel insecure about the girls in his past : "F**k them hoes, you got the award already / You go to Chanel and get rewards already."

You know who always comes out of Chanel a winner? Rihanna! And there's another big clue, too: The song features a sample of "Stay," aka Rihanna's most lovelorn ballad.

This isn't the first time Drake has rapped about RiRi (and let's be real — it won't be the last). He's made cryptic references to their previous fling on the regular for about four years now, and fans speculated that he actually dissed her on 2 Chainz's "No Lie" with the line "She could have a Grammy, I still treat her ass like a nominee."

Obviously, things have changed a little since then. The two seem to be very much a couple these days, as they were spotted hanging out in the early hours of the morning all over Europe for most of March. Here's hoping the spark lasts long enough for another musical collaboration.

And here are some of the other songs inspired by Barbados' biggest star.

1. "Walks Like Rihanna," The Wanted

British boyband The Wanted really went for it with the title and chorus of their ridiculously silly tune "Walks Like Rihanna," which was essentially about a completely talentless lady whose only saving grace was her sexy RiRi-esque walk. Mind-blowing.


2. "I Was a Fool," Tegan & Sara

Tegan Quin said she was motivated to write this song after listening to Rihanna's song "Unfaithful," explaining, "I was deliberately writing a song that I thought someone like Rihanna would want. I also wrote it thinking of her sort of character, someone who is in the media all the time and is probably not the person they're portrayed to be."

3. "I Can't Win," Chris Brown

Sometime after he and Rihanna broke up for the hundredth time, Chris Brown released this song, calling it "some s**t I felt like writing that's not on the album." It seemed to accuse Rihanna of having a drinking problem with the lines "Girl, we used to make love / When you called I would follow / Now the only thing you love is a bottle."

4. "Theraflu (Freestyle)," Chris Brown

The vilest of all Rihanna-inspired songs was definitely Chris Brown's "Theraflu" freestyle, also dropped onto the Internet without an official release. Rihanna unfollowed Brown on Twitter shortly afterwards, probably because she took issue with lines like "Don't f**k with my old b**ch, it's like a bad fur / Every industry n***a done had her."

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