Zimbio Exclusive Video Premiere: Mikey Pauker's 'Top of the World'

(Big Picture Media)The music video for Mikey Pauker's "Top of the World" is bittersweet but entirely joyful, a beautifully shot celebration of life, love and light set in the glory of the California coast. It's a fitting reflection of the song, which explores the idea that all living creatures are connected to spirit.

"Some are directly tapped into the source and actively participate in deepening the relationship and some don't ache to know and live their lives passive," Pauker explains. "Regardless of what type of faith we follow, our souls yearn to be together."

"Top of the World" is featured on Pauker's album Extraordinary Love, which encourages listeners to connect with their inner light through a blend of folk, electronica, pop, hip-hop, and reggae. Watch the video below and see why Pauker, who has shared the stage with Trevor Hall, Matthew Santos, and Matisyahu, was recently named one of TIME's 10 Stars of the New Jewish Music.

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