Super Mario Proposal Video

A lucky man got his princess to marry him with a little help from his friends, the Mario Brothers! In a YouTube video blowing up the Internets today, you can witness a dude named Silvas get his gal using a Question Block, the Super Mario victory music, projected fireworks, and a cameraman. Too cute.

The Super Mario Proposal! (via YouTube)
Silvas is first seen on the screen in a room plastered with Super Mario wallpaper, then his girlfriend April walks in. "My heart's pounding," he says right before she enters.

He brings her over to the Question Block, gets down on one knee, and pops the question -- after April has be bop the Question Block with her head to knock the ring box out!

She tries to hit it with her hand, but he insists she be "hardcore" and hit it with her head in true Super Mario Bro. fashion. He asks her to marry him, and she shrieks and says "yes" as the victory music and fireworks come on.

Then you see a bunch of friends and family members in the background who have to help poor Silvas figure out how to put the ring on his gal's finger. "I should've wikipedia'd," he says.

Too cute or too cheesy?

See the Super Mario Proposal video here:
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