'Switched at Birth' Season 2, Episode 13 Recap: Bugging Out

Don't let these happy smiles fool you. Everyone is pretty stressed out on this week's Switched at Birth. (ABC Family)

The pressure's getting to everyone this week, as living arrangements get too close for comfort and the Dread Wedding looms in the distance. Who's losing their cool and at whom? Read on to find out!

Mi Casa es Su Casa?
: It's not all bachata and biscotti dreams at Chez Angelo. Las cucarachas are taking up residency thanks to Regina and Bay's slipshod housekeeping and Angelo is peeved. Still, Regina's not ready to head back to the mansion just yet. She tells Daphne that she'll feel better about coming home when she gets a job....so Daphne tries to get her one. When she's unsuccessful, she finally admits that she really just wants her mom to come home and stop living with Bay. Regina reluctantly confesses it's easier to live with Bay, because she doesn't feel like she's disappointed Bay the way she has Daphne. Nevertheless, she goes out and manages to get her job back at that design house she worked at for a hot minute before the hiatus. She announces her good news to Angelo, but he's bummed out because Bay's being a moody teenager and the house is a mess. It's not the Rockwellian picture he dreamed their family life would be, but Regina tells him to suck it up because this is real life. 

The Day the Music Died: Toby's feeling the pain of being a working man, but nevertheless he's getting all "jobby and mature," selling off his amps and guitars to pay for his married life. Emmett pops up in a brief scene to tell Bay the band (now named "Awesomesauce" — really?) hasn't played a gig in a month and to suggest Bay keep an eye on whether or not Nikki is killing Toby's joy. Her solution? Getting him a gig at Maui, Kansas. Toby's jazzed but Nikki isn't, reminding him they have a wedding consultation with Reverend Steve that night. She has a bit of a fit when the gig runs overtime and starts playing that same old tune: Toby doesn't respect her faith. He contends that he does, but just doesn't want church to "trump" everything. (They have this fight practically on stage while everyone in the audience waits patiently, mind you.) Toby's finally having fun though, and he stays to play an encore with Emmett while she goes to church. When he picks her up later, Nikki unhappily tells him she lied to the priest (!) and said he was sick. Toby stubbornly tells her the encore was awesome (without her). I hope their honeymoon tickets are refundable!

He's No Treasure: Even though he's thoroughly smug, obnoxious and insulting, Daphne is totally crushing on Jace, the British coffee cart boy at work. Apparently aside from learning sign language, he's also into geocaching, and after she googles what that is, she decides to make it her new hobby too. (Is Daphne one of those girls? The kind who changes her interests based on the guy she's into? Hmmm.) She asks him to go geocaching with her (so that's what the kids are calling it these days) and he mistakes it for a date and starts to beg off, but consents when she swears it's not. On their not-date, she's pretty hardcore about the geocaching and when he calls her on it, all her stress about the summer comes pouring out. And then she kisses him. Oh, Daphne. (She can't even blame it on the British accent because she doesn't even know he has one until Bay clues her in later!)

Mommy Issues: Angsting: It's not just for kids! Kathryn has her share of mommy issues too apparently. Her mom keeps calling to tell K. she shouldn't be letting Toby marry so young, but since he is, they need to have a weddingpalooza. (I hope we get to see Meredith Baxter guest-star again!) Then to add to her stress, Adriana comes home from her midwifing gig and rather than hanging out in her empty apartment, she's all up in Kathryn's kitchen. They do laundry together! They go couponing together! They eat lunch together! Kathryn finally loses her cool and asks for some alone time. But Adriana comes back later to tell her she's a wonderful parent and Toby will be okay even if his life doesn't turn out the way she wants. Validation makes Kathryn smile and they bond over gardening tips.

Sisterly Love: Speaking of bonding, Daphne and Bay finally make up. Daphne admits she's been jealous of Bay being closer to Regina. Bay says, "Welcome to my world, Kathryn's mini-me!" (Okay, well not that last part). Daphne has to one-up her though, of course, and says "I should've stuck up for you at Carlton." Bay smiles and all is forgiven as they steer the conversation to a safer topic like Daphne's kiss-and-run on Jace. Ah, teenagers.

Who's taking bets on whether or not Toby and Nikki will even make it to their backyard barbecue rehearsal dinner? And what'd you think of Jace: charming or smarmy? Spill it in the comments!