Whaaaaaaat?! Shawn and Gus have a new Big Bad to take down.
There will be no Barb resurrection party. Like, ever ever.
As if we haven't waited long enough for Season 7, it now appears Season 8 is far off in the future as well.
Wow! NBC is reversing its big decision to move ‘This Is Us’ to a new time slot.
Here’s why the ABC remake of ‘Dirty Dancing’ is worse than spending Thanksgiving with your distant relatives.
Topics of conversation included mermaid pee, IUDs, and Simpson's billion-dollar business.
After a combined 20 seasons, these three legends will not be returning for 'SNL' Season 43.
While The Rock's 'announcement' was all in the name of comedy, people don't seem to think it's a terrible idea.
In the film, MJ is portrayed by professional Jackson impersonator Navi.
Forget about ‘Private Practice,’ there’s another ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spin-off heading your way!
Okay, but are you happy with who’s playing Becky?
Ariel, Sebastian, and Co. are about to be part of the live-musical world.
Get ready to say goodbye to Olivia Pope, people.
Well, at least we can finally put the hot mess that was Season 2, 3, and 4 behind us.
'[I want to] see somebody punch Bryce in the face,' Brian Yorkey told EW.
It’s official! A ‘Psych’ movie is heading your way THIS YEAR!
Say it ain’t so! Things aren’t all sunshine and roses for #Shamy!
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