Let's take a break from the Melania Trump-Michelle Obama speech scandal for more important First Lady business.
It's time to get you ready for your return to Litchfield Penitentiary ahead of this Friday's premiere.
With Season 2 in our midst, it's finally time to binge-watch Lifetime's highly-addicting drama.
No mullet? No thank you. Did the creators of this series even watch the original '80s version?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is literally taking the reins from Donald Trump in the upcoming season.
Things are about to get even crazier at Litchfield Penitentiary.
Louis discovers something new about himself thanks to his mother.
Things at Litchfield are as hellish as ever.
Oh, you know embarrassing first encounters are right up Dr. Ken's alley.
The milestone episode is full of surprises and a lot of familiar faces.
“The Long Night is coming, and the dead come with it.”
This doctor has a whole lot to say, and he definitely loves to talk about himself.
Watch the sharks dig into two millennial entrepreneurs and destroy their big dream.
Could this series about the British Monarchy be Netflix's new 'Downton Abbey'?
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