Plus: Find out who the next 'Bachelorette' will be!
Queenie made a stop at the Hotel Cortez. Care to guess how that went?
We know the '80s were killer, but what did you think of tonight's premiere? Sound off here!
What were your thoughts on TV's latest comic book project? Sound off here!
"I can't believe it went to a Derek Hough routine!" - said no one ever.
Critics say the TV musical is hitting all the right notes, but what did you think? Sound off here!
"I wish that he could fully understand what he's done for me, and that I miss him."
It's a special 'battle of the babes' edition.
The internet can't stop talking about last night's premiere, but did you enjoy it? Sound off here!
Did the sequel live up to the original? Sound off here!
It's day two of fall TV premiere week. Which Tuesday night show came out on top?
Did these new shows live up to their hype? Do you have a new Monday favorite? Sound off here!
The season four finale was a two-episode, two-hour long finale FULL of drama, revelations, happy endings, and cliffhangers. Plus, there's a new Dark One in Storybrooke!
From the good, to the bad, to the downright wicked, Storybrooke's mommies come in all types.
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