We chatted with four talented females who will be dominating the small screen this summer.
From our top recommendations to this season's spoilers, we've got you covered!
He'll direct the Showtime revival of the series after all.
It stars Colin Farrell's mustache and Rachel McAdams's bad-ass knife skills.
The first teaser for the campy comedy/horror anthology looks awesome.
Now that 'American Idol' is coming to a close, it's time to look back on how far the show's winners have come.
But we're getting a two-hour TV movie. Silver lining?
The other Ryan Seacrest recently joked about the show's cancellation.
The small screen stars brought major glam to NYC during the annual announcement of new TV shows.
Only three shows are awaiting their fates.
Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this.
The season four finale was a two-episode, two-hour long finale FULL of drama, revelations, happy endings, and cliffhangers. Plus, there's a new Dark One in Storybrooke!
Get a sneak peek at the new shows that are hoping to earn a spot on your must-watch list.
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