by The Zimbio Staff
Smelly quiz, smelly quiz, why are they taking you?
Check out what your favorite survivors were up to before the apocalypse hit.
It's brother vs. brother on 'Supernatural.' Will casual demon Dean or desperate hunter Sam be the victor?
Not everything good and wonderful across the pond needs to be remade with American accents.
by The Zimbio Staff
How closely did you tune in? Test your TV watching skills here!
This week on 'Gotham', Fish Mooney trains a mini-me, Maroni makes a power play, and the Penguin waddles his way closer to the top.
Learn some dating do's and don'ts inspired by Hook and Emma's first date.
There's just no such thing as taking a breather in the zombie Apocalypse, is there?
by The Zimbio Staff
Are you the master of this domain?
With a 'Bewitched' reboot in the works, we thought it was officially time to draw the line of what is sacred.
We know it's a bit like 'Sophie's Choice,' but you can only pick one!
Maybe Holden should’ve just played herself on the AMC show.
Who wants to see Bran have an out-of-body and out-of-time experience?
Yes, Michelle Tanner — and Nicky and Alex — are old enough to marry now.
by The Zimbio Staff
Can you handle all this bazinga?
As the struggle for small town power continues, there really is only one question: "You wanna be on top?"
Hey, Ryan Murphy, the Clowns of America International are NOT amused.
The TV Boyfriend Smackdown goes fantasy this week...fantasy football, that is.
It's finally time for Hook and Emma to go on a real date! What could go wrong?
Dean has been evil before, but this is a new low — violence, threats, and hating the Impala? It doesn't get worse than that.
by The Zimbio Staff
How closely did you tune in? Test your TV watching skills here!
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