It's hard to say goodbye to TV characters — but for some reason we're not feeling so down about Game of Thrones' latest kill.
We would never condone bullying, but it's pretty funny when these fictional characters are the butt of every joke.
A bomb is planted, love triangles/hexagons run rampant, and someone finally catches up to Maya Pope.
The night is dark and full of parties, selfies, and beach trips.
So Captain Hook and Snow White's daughter are totally steaming up fairy tale land, and we can't get enough.
If you were confused by the new guy in the premiere, you are not alone.
It's a Sondheim-heavy episode that tackles some serious issues — here's what you missed on Glee!
Hint: It's business as usual in Bravo's reality TV department.
Time to really amp up the danger on Game of Thrones.
To solve a cold case, Castle and Beckett must party like it’s the last days of disco. Check out a photo preview of the upcoming '70s episode inside!
Feel free to break out into song as you visit the magical land of Equestria to find out which pony you'd be!
There was a great song hidden in that shocking How I Met Your Mother finale.
New families, new bloodshed, new quests for the Iron Throne. Thank goodness, GOT is back.
Victoria seeks out an old ally, putting Emily’s whole plan at risk, this week on Revenge.
There's no way they'll all survive the season.
She hosted the show this weekend and was obviously (pitch) perfect.
Check out these character vs. actor side by sides and marvel at the transformations.
Jon Hamm on a '90s dating show? Aaron Paul on The Price is Right? All that and more, inside.
Olivia and her team get closer to cracking the B613 code, this week on Scandal.
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