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Tamara Mellon Lunch At The Beach With A Perfect Moment
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Tamara Mellon Create & Cultivate New York presented by Mastercard
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Tamara Mellon The Women's Cancer Research Fund's An Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala - Arrivals
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Rumormongering: Jimmy Choo Co-founder Tamara Mellon to Launch Her Own Shoe Line Next Year

By Danica Lo on
(Getty)Exciting news from the shoe world this morning! Tamara Mellon, who sold her stake in Jimmy Choo last year for, like, a bazillion dollars, is rumored to be launching her own shoe collection next year.A report in the Daily Mail claims that Tamara, who is the former Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Jimmy Choo, has been busying herself designing new footwear for the Tamara Mellon Collection."The idea is that the line will simply be called Tamara Mellon and she's working on designs...Read Full Story

Jimmy Choo's Tamara Mellon Has Talk Show Dreams

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty Images. Her glamorous life may be pitch-perfect fodder for a reality show, but Jimmy Choo Chief Creative Officer Tamara Mellon has her sights set on a talk show. When NYMag's The Cut asked Ms. Mellon whether she'd ever make a move for television, she replied, "I would love to interview working women and talk to them about the difficulties, the challenges, how to be a mother and work and look great. I would love to talk to women about how to run their lives, that's what I would like...Read Full Story