Poll: The 'Sharknado 2' Trailer Is in - Will You Watch?

By Joey Skladany on
It's sink or swim for SyFy's much-hyped sequel. Read Full Story

Please Enjoy the Chainsaw-Heavy Teaser for 'Sharknado 2'

By Lani Conway on
(YouTube)A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work dayWatch the dramatic first teaser for Sharknado 2: The Second One.  Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and those shark-infested natural wonders are back, ya'll! And, yes, the actor you see in the subway station around the 5-second mark is that dude from Sugar Ray. Here's why Hugh Jackman can't stop bouncing. Apparently, prepping to host the 2014 Tony Awards this Sunday will make you do some crazy things...Read Full Story

Check Out Pictures From Ashlee Simpson's Totally Over-the-Top Engagement Party

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Today in juicy celebrity news: You won't believe what Ashlee Simpson wore to her engagement party, James Franco basically called Lindsay Lohan a liar, Selena Gomez gets real about her issues, and more...Engagement Bash of the CenturyIf Ashlee Simpson's wedding is anything like her recent engagement party, it's going to be an epic event. The star celebrated her plans to walk down the aisle with Evan Ross this week and it was over-the-top, to say the least. And if you don't believe that it was...Read Full Story

Tara Reid Responds to Jason Biggs for Calling Her a 'Hot Mess'

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(Bauer Griffin | PacificCoastNews)Tara Reid isn't too pleased at some recent comments made by former American Pie co-star Jason Biggs.During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the Orange Is the New Black star was asked to give "prison nicknames" for some of the actors he's worked with. For Reid, "Hot Mess" was it. (To compare, he also jokingly referred to Alec Baldwin as “Pap Smear” and Kelsey Grammer “Camille").Unfortunately for Biggs, the 35-year-old actor soon felt the wrath of Reid...Read Full Story

You Voted: The 'Sharknado' Sequel Shall Officially Be Called...

By Lani Conway on
(Syfy)When Syfy revealed the trailer for Sharknado, nobody thought it would be such a viral hit. But it proved very successful. So successful, in fact, that the makers of the film decided it'd be a great idea to cash in on our affinity for gigantic, blood-thirsty sharks, mother nature's wrath, and horrific TV film acting. Enter, the Sharknado follow-up, which, finally, has been given a name thanks to the 5,000 votes crowd-sourced by the network and production company. Are you ready to tune...Read Full Story

Tara Reid Is Still Very Confused by Sharks

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: SyFy)You'd think after starring in Sharknado — an instant classic destined to be overlooked by the Academy — Tara Reid would have a decent handle on sharks. (Okay, maybe you wouldn't think that since the SyFy original is about a deadly tornado filled with sharks, but stay with me.) Instead, Reid remains baffled by the beasts of the deep, even after doing research* on the species in preparation for her role. Just watch her try and explain... something. She's definitely trying to...Read Full Story

'Sharknado 2' Is Happening — and YOU Can Name It

By Jill Slattery on
'Sharknado' (Syfy) Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water (and the streets, swimming pools, and skies), Syfy has given the green light to Sharknado 2!The campastic Sharknado, which featured Ian Ziering and Tara Reid battling a tornado made out of hungry super sharks, debuted on July 11 and caused a storm on social media, generating more tweets than the infamous Game of Thrones Red Wedding.The Asylum, the production company that helmed the first Sharknado, will also...Read Full Story

Important Question of the Day: Could the Sharknado Take Sharktopus in a Fight to the Death?

By JJ Duncan on
(From Sci-Fi Channel)Here at Zimbio we like to examine life's bigger, grander questions. After warming up with a relaxing examination of whether Camus or Sartre have had a greater impact on existentialism in the digital age, today we found ourselves facing a REAL question: Who would win in a fight between the Sharknado and Sharktopus? Ignoring that the Sharknado appears to be bereft of any conscious will, let's assume for the sake of argument this mindless melding of nature's greatest...Read Full Story

Stop What You're Doing and Watch This Trailer About a Shark-Infested Tornado

By Darrick Thomas on
With masterpieces like Sharktopus, Dinocroc, and Piranhaconda, SyFy's reputation for making movies about mutant animal hybrids proceeds itself. But oh how they've outdone themselves with their latest original movie, Sharnado. Yes, thats exactly what it sounds like: "A supersized storm sucks sharks from the ocean and hurls them onto land." SyFy, you magnificent bastards, you've done it again! Genius!Sadly, our only hope to survive the Sharknado rests in the hands of Ian Ziering and Tara Reid...Read Full Story

Tara Reid New and Improved (Photos)

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Although she played the sweet and innocent Vicky in American Pie, Tara Reid went on to become something of a mess in the years following. From wardrobe malfunctions to drunken ramblings, Reid continued to make headlines. However, Tara, seems to have cleaned up in recent years, looking better than ever at the premiere of American Reunion.The 36-year-old actress was glowing at the Hollywood premiere, looking refreshed and glowing in her simple black mini-dress. She smiled and seemed in terrific...Read Full Story