Here's What We Know So Far About 'The Awesomes'

The Awesomes
(From HULU)This time next year, Seth Meyers will be so much more than "that guy from 'Weekend Update.'" He'll be taking over Late Night as Jimmy Fallon moves into hosting duties for the Tonight show. But before he gets his shot at late night fame and fortune, Meyers will be working on the brand new series The Awesomes for Hulu — the online network's first crack at animated original programming.

The show features an Avengers-like team of superheroes made up of D-list other-guys (and ladies) who live in the shadows of the world's most beloved titans. With elements that will be familiar to fans of both The Venture Brothers and Drawn Together, the show's comedy stems from its characters' many inferiorities.

At Comic-Con, we got to sit down with creators Meyers and Michael Shoemaker (veteran writer for both Saturday Night Live and Fallon), as well as voice actors Ike Barinholtz (breakout star from The Mindy Project), Josh Meyers (Seth's brother), and SNL hitters Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson, and Bobby Moynihan. Here's what they revealed about the show.

1. It's Like a Saturday Night Live Side Project

Almost the entire cast for The Awesomes is working under one roof: the one at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where Saturday Night Live is produced and filmed. Meyers says the Awesomes production team "set up a microphone on the eighth floor of 30 Rock," the same floor where SNL's studio is located, and they just invite whoever they need in to read lines. Of course there is one key difference from the famous sketch comedy show.

"It's been a weird process because it's so different from SNL, where everything you do is live and instant with instant feedback," Meyers said. "So this has been a crazy process for us, but one we learned how to handle as we went through it.

2. It's All About the Characters

Meyers says the Awesomes' characters were developed with specific people in mind. "It's like when you write an SNL sketch, you're kind of casting it as you write it," he said. Here's a brief rundown of the cast as we know them so far.

Seth Meyers as Professor Doctor Awesome, aka Prock (The leader of the Awesomes.)
'The Awesomes'
(From HULU | Getty Images)Josh Meyers as Mr. Perfect (Prock's brother)
And Steve Higgins as Mr. Awesome (Prock's dad)

'The Awesomes'
(From HULU | Getty | NBC)Taran Killam as Frantic (He's super fast.)
And Ike Barinholtz as Muscleman (He's super strong.)

'The Awesomes'
(From HULU | Getty)Bill Hader as Dr. Malocchio (The bad guy)
'The Awesomes'
(From HULU | Getty)Rashida Jones as Hotwire (She can control electronic equipment. Prock has a crush on her, but she's dating his brother, Mr. Perfect.)

(From HULU | Getty)Kenan Thompson as The Impresario (He can make anything materialize with the power of his mind, but it's always shaped like his overbearing mother.)

(From HULU | Getty)3. Seth and Josh Meyers Don't Just Look Alike

They sound alike, too. So much so that both admit that Seth was able to overdub his voice over his younger brother's lines a couple of times and no one could tell the difference (except maybe their mother).

4. Taran Killam Can Talk Very Fast

Seth Meyers cast Killam as Frantic in part because of his "verbal dexterity." Killam revealed to us a key influence on his super-fast Frantic style.

"There was a stretch of dialogue that was literally like a half-page monologue that they wanted me to spit out rapid-fire, and I was able to do it in one take," Killam said.

"That's like the guy that did the Micro-Machines commercials," Barinholtz chimed in.

"That's who I channeled," Killam said. "I channeled the guy who did the Micro-Machine commercials."

"Where is that guy now?," Barinholtz asked. "You think he still talks fast, like when he's ordering food?" 

5. This Is the First Animated Original Series from Hulu

In its bid to make Hulu a destination for original programming, the online network is ramping up its content creation, starting with The Awesomes. Next up is a western called Quick Draw, that will premiere August 5. Then in October, Hulu will premiere two new shows, The Wrong Mans, and Behind the Mask, a docu-series focusing on sports mascots.

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