Spotted: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Hold Hands in Russia

By Deena Bustillo on
Bauer GriffinJohnny Depp isn't one to flaunt his personal life, but things might be changing. The actor was seen holding hands with rumored girlfriend Amber Heard on the way out of their Russian hotel this week. PDA alert!Now, they've been rumored to be dating since last year, but this was one of the first times they've been seen out in public together — aside from when they promoted their film Rum Diaries, of course. Neither star has commented on the relationship and it will probably stay...Read Full Story

Report: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are '100 Percent Dating'

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He just got out of a 14-year relationship, she (allegedly) just got out of a relationship with a woman. Now, word has it Mr. Johnny Depp is dating Amber Heard, his former co-star, and has even bought her a horse. Yee haw! So what's the deal with these two? Well, the stars first met while filming Rum Diary back in 2009. Apparently they got along very well on the set, but things didn't turn romantic right away. No scandal here, folks.When the extremely attractive celebs teamed back up for the...Read Full Story

Tasya Van Ree and Amber Heard Dating? (Pictures)

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Tasya Van Ree is making headlines this week because there's an itty bitty chance she's involved in a love triangle with alleged girlfriend Amber Heard and one Mr. Johnny Depp. Crazy, right?Well, here's the story. Amber Heard has reportedly been dating the Van Ree, a photographer, since 2008. They made their public debut as a couple in 2010, and they're apparently been going strong since. They were most recently seen out in public together in mid-May. However, now there's some buzz that Heard...Read Full Story

Taysa Van Ree and Amber Heard Photos

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Taysa Van Ree is the gorgeous brunette girlfriend of the equally good-looking, blonde film star, Amber Heard. Though Van Ree was born and raised in Hawaii, where she developed her passion for photography and art, she now lives in LA. It was there, in the City of Angels, that she met Amber Heard. The two have been dating since 2008. The beautiful couple look wonderfully in love wherever they're spotted. Though, we wish Van Ree wouldn't wear a hat so often. But what can you do. Check out more...Read Full Story

Amber Heard's Girlfriend Tasya Van Ree (Photos)

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With The Rum Diary doing well at the box office, Amber Heard is one of the most talked about actress of the moment… and one of the hottest. Plenty of men have been heartbroken to find out that Heard, shall we say, plays for the other team and has been with girlfriend Tasya Van Ree for more than two years.Van Ree is actually famous in her own right. She is well known for her work as a photographer, and her artistic photographs of both celebrities and non-celebs has been exhibited in galleries...Read Full Story

Tasya Van Ree Pictures: Amber Heard's Girlfriend

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Amber Heard has been dating photographer Tasya Van Ree since 2008. The two made their first public appearance in December 2010 at GLAAD's 25th anniversary event. Since then, they've been photographed together at a variety of events, and have talked openly about each other in interviews.Heard says her relationship with a woman hasn't changed her acting career.  "It didn't really affect anything in my career," she says (via E! Online). "I don't think the producers and directors I've worked with...Read Full Story

Tasya Van Ree and Amber Heard Pictures

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Amber Heard stepped out with her girlfriend Tasya Van Ree at the Society of Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center's 2010 fall party at Four Seasons Restaurant on November 16, 2010.While Heard and Van Ree have been dating since 2008, and have been seen out and about at several big events, Heard has just recently openly talked about her sexuality.“I personally think if you deny something or if you hide something you’re inadvertently admitting it’s wrong. I don’t feel like I’m wrong," said Heard...Read Full Story