Celebrity Inspired Tattoo Ideas:
Sienna Miller Star Tattoo
Sienna Miller's Star Tattoo
Lady Gaga Flower Tattoo
Lady Gaga's Flower Tattoo
Tila Nguyen Heart Tattoo
Tila Nguyen's Heart Tattoo
Nicole Richie Cross Tattoo
Nicole Richie's Cross Tattoo
Amy Winehouse Wings Tattoo

Famous Celebrities with Tattoos:
Rihanna Star Tattoo

Kat Von D Heart Tattoo

Kat Von D

Angelina Jolie

Megan Fox

Evan Rachel Wood
We battled in the Zimbio office over which celebs have the best and worst tattoos and couldn't come up with an answer. So we asked the experts. Check out these 50 Celebrity Tattoos and what our tattoo artist friends over at Everlasting Tattoo and Oneshot Tattoo in San Francisco had to say about them.
These tattoos belong to some of the loveliest ladies in Hollywood and beyond. Can you guess to whom each tattoo belongs? Click on the picture to find out if you've made the right guess.

Tattoo Galleries

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People seem to be getting tattoos more than ever.  Considering some ink for yourself?  Check out the galleries below.   Back Tattoos Shoulder Tattoo Back Tattoos Back Tattoo Back and Arm Tattoos Star Tattoo Ankle Tattoo Hand Tattoo Arm Tattoos Back Tattoo Back Tattoos Shoulder TattoosRead Full Story

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

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We've collected a few examples of Japanese dragon tattoo designs.  Check out the tattoos below and click on the image to visit the original site with larger view.Japanese dragon art and Chinese dragon art are somewhat similar.  Japanese dragons were in part inspired by early Chinese art.Enjoy.Japanese Dragon Tattoo Examples: Clipped from: internationaltattooparade.blogspot.com (share this clip) Clipped from: news-hot4you.blogspot.com (share this clip) Clipped from: humanbodyart.blogspot...Read Full Story

Fox Drawings for Tattoos

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We've collected a few fox drawings, as inspiration for your next tattoo.  Take a look at the below tattoo designs and click on the images to visit sites with more detailed information and larger pictures.Fox Drawings For Tattoos:Fox tattoo on a woman's thigh: Clipped from: vi.sualize.us (share this clip)Colorful fox tattoo:: Clipped from: tattoome.tumblr.com (share this clip)Black and White Fox Tattoo: Clipped from: fluna.deviantart.com (share this clip)Vertical Fox Tattoo: Clipped from...Read Full Story

Bird Flying Over Tree Tattoo Drawings

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if you're thinking about getting a new bird tattoo, here are a few inspirational drawings of different birds in flight.  Take a look and click on any of the designs to visit sites with more detail.Tattoo Concept: Birds in Flight, or Birds Flying Over Tree Clipped from: www.flickr.com (share this clip) Clipped from: lower-back-tattoo.onsugar.com (share this clip) Clipped from: bird-tattoos.com (share this clip) Clipped from: www.tattooson.com (share this clip) Clipped from: bird-tattoos...Read Full Story

Phoenix Tattoo Ideas

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Thinking about getting a phoenix tattoo?  Here are a few phoenix tattoo ideas from around the web.  Click on the images to visit the original sites for larger zooms and views.Very cool multi-colored phoenix tattoo: Clipped from: inked-tattoosdesigns.blogspot.com (share this clip) Full back phoenix tattoo: Clipped from: hubpages.com (share this clip) Black and white tattoo: Clipped from: tattoosbymasami.com (share this clip)Another very colorful phoenix tattoo: Clipped from: inked...Read Full Story
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