Teacher Lap Dance Video

By Olivia on
Two teachers in Winnipeg, Canada were suspended from their teaching positions after a video emerged showing one of them giving the other a lap dance during a school pep rally in the gym. But 14-year-old Saigha Vincent, who was behind the camera that recorded the incident, says the punishment doesn't match the crime. According to TorontoSun.com, the ninth-grader at Churchill High School said, "It’s been a little over-exaggerated. It would be a good thing if they come back. A lot of people...Read Full Story

Former Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student For Second Time

By JJ Duncan on
Former math teacher Heather Kennedy can't keep her hands off her young lover.That wouldn't be so bad except that this lover happens to be particularly young -- 16 in fact.After pleading guilty last month to sexual misconduct, Kennedy was awaiting sentencing when the District Attorney's office received a tip that Kennedy was continuing her affair.Kennedy, 25, pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Tuesday on charges of third-degree rape, committing a criminal sexual act, criminal contempt and...Read Full Story

Teacher admits to fleeing country with 13-year-old boy for sex

By JJ Duncan on
(July 2, 2008) Former teacher Kelsey Peterson has pleaded guilty to fleeing the country with a 13-year-old student so she could have sex with him.Peterson, now 26, struck a deal with prosecutors that sets her up for about six years in prison.Just to up the odd factor here, the kid is actually an illegal alien in the United States, but maybe he knew what he was doing because Homeland Security has granted him temporary humanitarian parole while he and his family deal with the court case.Here's...Read Full Story

Teacher Sex Scandal: Shannon Hrozek Charged With Sexual Assualt on a Child

By John Newlin on
So here's the story: Hrozek got caught performing oral sex on a student in a dark, locked classroom and she's beging charged with sexual assualt on a minor. Hrozek, 42, was a 10-grade English teacher at Westfield High School in Houston, Texas. According to court documents, the school's assistant principal caught the teacher with a 16-year-old male student. Hrozek allegedly asked the student to come to her classroom after school to "finish talking" and that's when she "started rubbing him on...Read Full Story

Adrienne Laflamme Caught in Sex Scandal With 17-year-old Student

By John Newlin on
Adrienne Laflamme, 61, who taught for years at a Florida juvenile detention facility, apparently couldn't resist the bad boys any longer. Risking her retirement, she's being charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student just weeks after his release from the correctional facility in the Brevard County School District. She faces 15 counts of unlawful sex with a minor and it could get worse, as authorities are investigating a "three-way" she had with said teen and another 14-year-old. So...Read Full Story