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Ted Williams Ted Williams at Millions of Milkshakes
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Ted Williams Ted Williams Leaves Good Morning America Studios
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Ted Williams Picture Ted Williams Picture
Ted Williams Philadelphia Eagles 2007 Headshots
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Ted Williams on Dr. Phil

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Ted Williams, the homeless man with the "Golden Voice", has been a media phenom for the last month.  He was discovered on the streets and his Youtube video went viral, big time.  Recently Ted Williams was featured on the Dr Phil show.  See a video clip from the episode below.  Ted Williams shares his frustrations and angst about his daughter and family. The Top 100 Celebrity Mugshots Paris Hilton This is Paris Hilton 's mug shot from June of 2007, when she turned herself in to begin serving...Read Full Story

Columbus Homelessness Homeless Man

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Ted Williams has been dubbed as the 'man with the golden voice'.  On Youtube, people tend to search for "Columbus Homelessness Homeless Man", which strikes us as at least a little redundant, but OK.Williams does have an amazing radio talk show voice.  Check out the Youtube video of Ted Williams below.This week, Ted's story made the leap from Internet buzz to mainstream media,  He appeared on Good Morning America. Ted had been discovered just 3 days before making his national television debut...Read Full Story

Ted Williams' Frozen Head Used for Batting Practice, Claims New Book

By JJ Duncan on
Ted Williams was one of the greatest Major Leage Baseball players of all time. He had a career batting average of .344 with 521 homeruns, and when he died in 2002, his family followed his instructions to freeze him in "biostasis" in case he might be resurrected in the future. It means one of baseball's greatest hitters had his head removed and frozen just in case he could be brought back to life somehow. Yes, it's bizarre, but if you read the mutual pact he made with his siblings...Read Full Story