Terry Herbert Finds Anglo-Saxon Treasures

Terry Herbert, an amateur treasure-hunter, uncovered some Anglo-Saxon treasures in July 2009 in a farmer's field, and the silver and gold goodies could give researchers some great clues about the Dark Ages sources said recently, according to Huffington Post.

Terry Herbert (muzeologie.files.wordpress.com)
Herbert stumbled upon a trove of helmets and swords and even a gold band with a biblical inscription in Latin on it. The pieces date back to the Anglo-Saxon era, when the group of Germanic tribes invaded England collapsed the Roman Empire. They spoke Old English, and ruled from the 5th century to the 1066 Norman invasion.

The pieces discovered are believed to be from between 675 and 725 in an area once called Mercia. Herbert was searching his friend's farm with a metal-detector when he found the treasures, and spent 5 days in the field by himself before he realized he need some experts to come in and help. The unemployed treasure-hunter said the discovery was "more fun than winning the lottery."
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