Democratic Texas Primary Results

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Hillary Clinton won the primary election in Texas yesterday.  CNN reports the following details:Hillary Clinton -- 1,452,000 votes -- 51% -- 16 delegatesBarack Obama -- 1,354,000 votes -- 48% -- 10 delegatesThe caucus results are still being tallied but early data indicates that Barack Obama will win the caucus.Read Full Story

Texas Primary Results -- Clinton and McCain

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With 66% of the tally in, the NY Times is reporting that Clinton has a slight lead over Obama with 50% of the vote compared to his 48%. Most of the TV Networks are now reporting that Clinton will win the primary in Texas.  However early results indicate that Barack Obama will likely win the causus there.McCain won Texas as well as 3 other states today. Huckabee has officially dropped out of the race...leaving McCain as the GOP winner.Read Full Story

CNN reporting Obama lead in Texas

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Still too early to know much, but CNN is reporting early trends from Texas.  They have Obama in the lead with 58% of the vote.  Only 1% of precincts have reported results, so expect major swings before the night is up.Read Full Story

Huckabee campaigns in Texas

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Republican presidential nominee hopeful Mike Huckabee learns how to rope Friday February 29, 2008, at the Fort Worth Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. The former Arkansas governor is well behind in delegates but hopes to do well in the largely conservative Texas. (Photo by Rick Gershon/Getty Images North America)Read Full Story

McCain Campaigns in Texas

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Republican Presidential nominee hopeful US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) takes the stage to talk to supporters at a town hall event March 3, 2008, at the Heart O' Texas Complex in Waco, Texas. McCain makes last minute stops throughout Texas to build support before Tuesday's primary. (Photo by Rick Gershon/Getty Images North America)Read Full Story

Primary AND Caucus in Texas

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"What's unusual is that you still have two people fighting very hard to be the Democratic nominee for the office of president," Chris McCormack told the press. "That gives special significance to the very complex way in which Texas selects delegates to the National Convention."Texas holds a popular vote for a "Primary". The results of the Texas primary will be used to award a portion of the Texas delegates. A caucus is then held immediately after the popular vote closes. About 8,000 sites...Read Full Story

In Texas, Dems cast more early ballots than Republicans

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According to the Texas Secretary of State's election web site, 717,469 Democrats have already cast ballots either in person or by mail. That's about 9% of the state's 7,815,906 registered voters. Among Republicans, 242,197 (or just over 3% of registered voters) have cast their votes early.Three times more Democratic votes!Read Full Story