Latest Texas Wildfire Pictures and Video

By Adam Wenger on
With over 1,000 homes destroyed and more than 2 million acres of land ablaze, the Texas wildfires continue to rage on unabated. As new pictures and video emerge, we're given a better look into the mass scale of destruction. Don't Miss: Texas Wildfire - California Fires Texas Wildfire Videos, PicturesTwo dead in Texas wildfires, homes destroyed The fires have come as the result of intense dry and windy conditions. This past year has been the worst single-year drought on record -- as of...Read Full Story

Texas Wildfire Videos, Pictures

By Deena Bustillo on
Wildfires are raging in central Texas again today, and have already burned an estimated 600 homes. The blazes were worsened this weekend by Tropical Storm Lee, which brought wind instead of rain to the region.Apparently Texas has not had a drought like this since the '50s, and have not only destroyed homes but have also caused an estimated $5.2 billion in agricultural losses, reports record 3.6 million acres have burned since the start of the fire season in November 2010. Cotton...Read Full Story