Site Spotlight: Fashionism

Site Spotlight: Fashionism(Source: Bloomingdales, Thinkstock)No, Fashionism won't cure your Shopbop addiction or provide you with a handy excuse when your boss catches you surfing yet again. What it does is even better: the site tracks your purchases with the above brands (plus a bevvy of others) and automatically hooks you up with cash-back rewards of up to 15 percent. Do we have your attention yet?

Site Spotlight: Fashionism(Source: Fashionism)What sets Fashionism apart from, say, Ebates, is the fact that its partner list is a luxury-only affair. We're talking big-name retailers such as Bloomingdale's and Gilt (6 and 3 percent cash back, respectively), plus designers including Helmut Lang (5 percent), Rebecca Taylor (7 percent) and Agent Provocateur (10 percent).

And there's no need to click through Fashionism's site each time you shop: when you sign up for the service and install the toolbar button, Fashionism will automatically alert you when you're browsing a partner store and deposit cash-back moolah directly into your PayPal account. It also collects an up-to-date list of currently running promos (say, 12 percent cash back on Nordstrom's beauty department), so you have every right to indulge in some retail therapy. 

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