Kristi Cornwell, Self-Defense Trainer, Is Abducted

Kristi Cornwell (MSNBC)
Kristi Cornwell, a 38-year-old mother and Geogia resident, was abuducted last week while out for an evening walk in Blairsville, Georgia. She was on the phone with her boyfriend Douglas Davis at the time of her abduction and who heard her struggle and scream, 'Please don't take me."

Since then, 100 law enforcement staffers have been deployed to locate her. Ironically, Cornwell is arguably prepared to deal with an abduction. She is trained to use firearms, worked at a local prison, and taught courses in self-defense.

MSNBC reported:

Former FBI profiler and NBC news analyst Clint Van Zandt told Curry Monday that he sees hopeful signs in the investigation — especially the discovery of the cell phone. “If it’s a kidnapping, you may have that the assailant grabs the cell phone out of her hand and throws it out the window. Then we’ve got fingerprints and perhaps DNA to work with,” he said.

Van Zandt added Cornwell likely knew exactly what she was doing by screaming “Please don’t take me” into her cell phone at the time of her abduction.

“For her to say that, that tells her boyfriend this is no accident; this was a kidnapping, so in those few words she expressed what was going on, and how frightened she was,” Van Zandt said

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