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Sure, it's been done before. Top 10 (or 11) lists of scary movies are a dime a dozen so why another one? In short it's because it's so damn fun to remember all the times in my life I was scared senseless because of something fake I was experiencing in a film. There's something special about horror movies and thrillers that other genres can't touch. And that something is the coercion of fear, the most primal of emotions, and death, which is everyone's greatest fear. Maybe not Chuck Norris'...

Anyways, that's the high-level explanation. The following list contains more modern films than oldies, although King Kong (the 1933 version) and Frankenstein (1931) sent me running as a tyke. Growing up in the '80s and '90s threw me headlong into slasher mania and all those flicks gave me nightmares as a kid. Anything with an alien was insanely scary also: Starman and E.T. were both way too real for my tiny mind back then. That's the key to most of my selections. Authentic depictions of horror turn a key in my head that fantasy doesn't.