Witness the Apparent Bad Blood Between Tim Meadows and 'SNL' Play Out on Facebook

(NBC)The normal career arc for Saturday Night Live stars is usually as follows: You start out small as a featured player, graduate to full-blown cast member, maybe make a few movies, then move on to do your own thing, making sure to come back every now and again for old times' sake. It's like being part of family, which, if that's the case, makes Tim Meadows the family member everyone avoids and no one calls back. At least that's what Tim Meadows would have you believe.

Apparently SNL's recent revival of Bill Brasky, a cult favorite sketch from the '90s where salesmen drunkenly pontificate on the superhuman greatness of Brasky and one that almost always featured Meadows, brought out some bad feelings in the former cast member. Meadows took to Facebook to air his grievances:

Further commenting:

And these since deleted posts:

Culminating in one Bill Brasky sized send off:

Either this some kind of meta prank on all of us, or Lorne Michaels is holding a serious grudge. The fact that Meadows, one of the longest tenured cast members in the show's history, has never hosted  has made only two cameo appearances since leaving SNL 13 years ago points in the direction of the latter.
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