WATCH: Jay-Z and Timbaland Get Synth-Y in the Latest Preview of 'Magna Carta Holy Grail'

If the first Samsung-backed ad for Jay-Z's inevitably epic forthcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail, was too long to handle (over three minutes), here's the latest, much shorter addition to the jigga man's album ad campaign.

Instead of dramatic images of Jay-Z on the phone, Jay-Z pontificating the meaning of hip-hop, and Jay-Z having convos with a very bearded Rick Rubin about his desire to share the gift of music to the world, we get this: A super stoked Jay-Z happily making new music with producer Timbaland.

In the clip, the rapper proclaims he's ready to "make music now." And once's he's ready, there's no one that can stop him — Not even Timbaland, who unleashes some very glittery, in-your-face synth beats that turn Jay-Z into one very happy camper.

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