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Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire Is Seen in Malibu With Family
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Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer Get Dinner At Nobu With Friends
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Jennifer Meyer 
Tobey Maguire The Grand Opening of Au Fudge, Presented by Amazon Family
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Hollywood Benjamin Buttons: 19 Celebrities Who Seem to Be Aging In Reverse

By Darrick Thomas on
They say that movies are timeless. Well, upon further review, it might be the actors who star in them who will last forever. Whether it's just good genes, the money for upkeep, or a membership to an underground cabal of Hollywood vampirism that comes with their SAG card, some stars never seem to age, or, better yet, seem to get younger with time. Check out these side-by-side comparisons of celebs through the years and see if you can pick out which photo is the older one and which is from...Read Full Story

Ranking Every Marvel Movie

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Identify the Spidey

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The 10 Most Absurd & Awesome Things From Will Ferrell's New Parody Mini-Series

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Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's next big project is a high-concept parody called The Spoils of Babylon, which will run in six parts on IFC starting January 9. Spoils takes on the melodramatic, overblown miniseries genre and is on a fake acclaimed author Eric Jonrosh, who will introduce each installment Masterpiece Theater style and will be played by Ferrell. A trailer for the project hit the web today — it's pretty far-out and has a ton of famous people in it. You should definitely check it out...Read Full Story

Zimbio Review - 'The Great Gatsby,' a Romantic Alteration of an American Classic

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(Warner Brothers) The Bottom Line Should you see it? Yes. Why? Despite its departures from the novel, this is a unique vision of a story everyone knows. It's also a visionary depiction of a golden era. This auto-tuned soap opera writer/director Baz Luhrmann is calling The Great Gatsby is a visual rollercoaster, a melodramatic fairy tale, and a wistful ode to romance. It's also predictably transparent when it comes to the classic American novel's weighty themes. Luhrmann does get credit...Read Full Story
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