Panel report on Tontitown Landfill

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The panel report is finally out for the Tontitown landfill project .  Terrapass has a nice summary of the panel findings.  Basically the panel gave qualified approval to the Tontitown project for meeting  “a minimum threshold of additionality.” Terrapass dug into this project in full detail and found that the project met several  additionality tests as well.The panel also makes a few recommendations for further criteria Terrapass (and for that matter, other organizations) can apply to future...Read Full Story

Terrapass posts highlights of Tontitown regulatory test findings

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Waste Management began work on the methane flaring system prior to the groundwater contamination system.Waste Management considered five alternative means of addressing the groundwater issue.The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) wrote a letter strongly urging WM to complete the methane flaring system in order to address the groundwater problem.The minimal system required to address the groundwater contanimation problem would have consisted of 26 “out-of-refuse” methane wells...Read Full Story

Treehugger interviews Wes Muir of Tontitown

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TH:- The gas collection and control system at the Tontitown, Arkansas landfill uses approximately 75 gas extraction wells (as pictured) to collect landfill gases generated by decomposing waste. Thermal destruction of collected gases occurs at a central, high-temperature flare. Why was this necessary? WM:-In 2001, we began addressing issues related to methane gas seeping into and impacting the groundwater in areas around the Tontitown landfill. We voluntarily installed this system because it...Read Full Story

TerraPass shows its commitment

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A recent BusinessWeek article casts some doubt on the benefits of a carbon offset project at the Tontitown dump.  The project is funded by TerraPass, a leader in consumer-purchased carbon offsets.TerraPass is responding to the article in a very transparent and genuine manner.  They're conducting a full review of the Tontitown landfill gas flaring project that was questioned in the article and they've stopped all purchases until their review is complete.  Better yet, they plan to publish their...Read Full Story

The BusinessWeek article that started the debate

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Here is the main BW article that started the debate: BusinessWeek Titled, "Another Inconvenient Truth" it questions the benefits of carbon offsets and describes the practive of offsets in this way: "Rather than take the arduous step of significantly cutting their own emissions of carbon dioxide, many in the ranks of the environmentally concerned are paying to have someone else curtail air pollution or develop "renewable" energy sources." Ben Elgin is the author of the article.Read Full Story

Terrapass Offsets

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TerraPass supports a number of clean energy projects across the United States in an attempt to make up for the global warming impact of its customers' car driving. Efforts within the Tontitown Landfill are included in their projects. See TerraPass' complete project list here: Full Story
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