Twenty Tragic Child Stars

20 Tragic Child Stars
Child stars are by no means fated for tragedy.

Many are fortunate to be born into loving, protective families that shield them from the many pitfalls of sudden fame. Others find fortitude and focus from within. And there are plenty children of Hollywood who would argue their upbringings were completely normal, who would laugh at the suggestion that childhood careers can be dangerous and destructive.

Perhaps there exists no association, but many of us remain fascinated by child stars fallen and felled.

Maybe it's that, having grown up with their images, we feel their childhoods belong to us too, and are thus affected when they do not grow up as we'd dreamed.

Many of these former child stars are likely happy and well-adjusted adults who happened to misstep in the often-cruel view of the public eye. Others, sadly, never made it to adulthood. Hopefully, you'll remember all of them.

Tragic Child Stars

  Taran Noah Smith

Taran Noah Smith was just seven years old when he was cast as the naive Mark Taylor on Home Improvement. Ten years later, he was married and embroiled in a bitter battle with his parents.
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