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Troian Bellisario Marie Claire Celebrates May Cover Stars
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Troian Bellisario 'Pretty Little Liars' Screening in NYC
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Troian Bellisario 'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Drop by 'GMA'
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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Finale Recap: Ali's TAll TAle

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC Family)It’s time, PLL fans, and we hope you’re ready. Because as promised, Ali definitely tells all in the Pretty Little Liars season finale... and yet, somehow, we still have questions. So what did Ali reveal, and what does it mean for our little liArs? Let's get to it.Lindsay: I just need to say, first and foremost, that this episode was exactly what Pretty Little Liars needed to do in the wake of Ali actually being alive. They needed to tie up more loose ends than create them, now...Read Full Story

'Pretty Little Liars' Recap, Episode 4.23 — Going to the ChApel

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC Family)Well, hello, there, liArs. Once again, Jess was too frightened by last week’s antics (I mean, to be fair, Mrs. DiLaurentis was mega-ultra-creepy) to recap this week, so you’re stuck with lil’ ol’ Lindsay. Last week on Pretty Little Liars, Spencer got a sober sponsor (say that one three times fast), Aria ran away from her problems (namely EzrA), the girls found out that Paige gave Ali up to the police, and EzrA dropped his very own A-bomb, revealing that he thinks that Mrs. D is A...Read Full Story

'Pretty Little Liars' 4.22 Recap: In WithdrAwAl

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC Family)Hey there, Pretty Little Liars fans! When last we saw our liArs, one was maybe breaking up over an ultimatum, one was facing an intervention, one was hitting the road, and one was romantically torn between a cop and a cowboy. As VH1 might ask, where are they now? To the recap!Jess: OH HEY, Aria’s grinding up on an arty-looking boy in a leather jacket at a frat party! What a way to start the episode. Also, who wears a leather jacket to a frat party? Anyway, she’s up at Syracuse...Read Full Story

Pretty Little Liars 4.21 Recap: LiArs SMASH!

By Jessica MacLeish and Linds... on
(ABC Family)Another episode, another bonkers week, Pretty Little Liars fans. As we get closer to the Season Four finale, what’s the current state of affairs in Rosewood? Onto the recap!Lindsay: Stockholm Syndrome, Party of One: Aria, they’re calling your name. She’s still convinced that EzrA is not A, which, wouldn’t you be? I mean, I. Marlene King loves to build up and then fart out bad plot line endings on this show, but it’s been four seasons of nonsense, so, like, doesn’t he have to be A...Read Full Story

All the Times Spencer Hastings Has Freaked Out on 'Pretty Little Liars'

By Lani Conway on
(ABC Family)On last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) went into complete meltdown mode after the other LiArs staged an intervention and accused the sleuthing stressball of abusing her study aid pills. There were tears, screams, arm flails, and other characteristics of a major freak-out sesh. And to think, all this because "EZRA IS FREAKIN' 'A.'"   Up until this point, we hadn't seen much of Unhinged Spencer — not since she was carted off to Radley at...Read Full Story
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