5 Year Anniversary in Iraq

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Today is the 5 year anniversary of the United State's war in Iraq.  Anniversaries are times to reflect on the past and take note of lessons learned.  On this anniversary I can't help but feel sorrow for the lives lost and the political turmoil created.  I can only hope that the next administration will find a graceful exit, but I'm not optimistic.Read Full Story

Mostly unsatisfactory, but Bush urges the US to push on

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Bush rejectes calls to begin withdrawing troops. He released a new report today analyzing progress in Iraq. It showed satisfactory results on 8 of 18 criteria (less than 50% of the criteria). Bush believes this is enough evidence to support continued effort.“This is not the real debate,” he said. “The real debate over Iraq is between those who think the fight is lost, or not worth the cost, and those who believe the fight can be won.” He added: “As difficult as the fight is, the cost of...Read Full Story

Philadelphia Inquirer agrees with Sen Lugar, calls for withdrawal

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A major newspaper has now backed Sen Lugar's call for troop withdrawal's in Iraq.  The Inquirer posted an editorial this weekend. An excerpt from the Inquirer editorial follows.* Sometimes it takes an elder statesman to put a crisis in perspective. U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar (R., Ind.) has taken a step back from the intractable partisan debate over Iraq, putting the stakes into perspective. His speech in the Senate last week provided fresh context and clear reasons why the Bush administration...Read Full Story

Senate Approves Iraq War Funding

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The President won his battle with the Congress this week, and secured $95 Billion in war spending through this September, with no timeline for troopp withdrawal.The Senate vote to send the legislation to the president was 80-14. Earlier the House had cleared the measure, 280-142.  Republicans supplying most of the votes, but a majority of Democrats also voted for the new spending bill.Read Full Story

US House and Senate trying to bring the troops home

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The House of Representatives has already passed legislation on the emergency war supplemental having a timeline of September 2008 United States senate yesterday called for the withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq by next March, 2008 Two different dates, but the same overall message - bring the troops home.  However, The White House says that President Bush will surely veto any bill that calls for troop withdrawal.Read Full Story