Tropical Storm Fay Fails to Impress Redneck Couple

By JJ Duncan on
Tom Neal (R) and his roommate Evelyn Sue Anderson (L) wait in their mobile home for flooding from Tropical Storm Fay to recede August 19, 2008 in Naples, Florida. Fay moved inland Tuesday after making landfall in southwest Florida, bringing soaking rains and gusty winds but failing to reach the minimal hurricane status that had been predicted. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images North America) You gotta admit, a tropical storm just does not rock you like a hurricane.Perhaps that's why Tom...Read Full Story

Kite Surfer Kevin Kearney Tossed by Tropical Storm Fay

By JJ Duncan on
WFOR-TV Miami captured a few seconds of video sure to keep further kite surfers off the beach during Tropical Storm Fay. The kite surfer in this video is 26-year-old Kevin Kearney who was taken to a hospital after this incident.See more photos from Tropical Storm Fay Getty Images Surfers ride storm waves after tropical storm Fay passed over the region August 18, 2008 in Key West, Florida. The storm moved through the Keys during the afternoon and evening.Read Full Story

Tropical Storm Fay About to Rip Through Florida

By John Newlin on
People stand at the end of a pier during a lull in Tropical Storm Fay August 18, 2008 in Key West, Florida. The storm was projected to hit the keys after causing damage and claiming lives in Haiti and Cuba. (Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images North America) So all the reports are saying that there a hurricane ravaging Cuba. You live in Key West Florida, some 90 miles from the communist island. If you're wise, you board your windows, take cover and hope for the best. OR, you ride your bicycle...Read Full Story