Hambrick Gets 5 Years for Selling Crack Cocaine

Former NFL running back Troy Hambrick was sentenced to five years in prison today for selling crack cocaine. He pleaded guilty to one count of distributing 50 grams or more of crack cocaine on February 26.

Hambrick apparently sold the drugs in 2007, to confidential informants near his home in Lacoochee, 40 miles north of Tampa.

In 2004, Hambrick played for the Arizona Cardinals, and before that was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys. In 2003, Hambrick rushed for 972 yards and had five touchdowns for Dallas.

Why is it so hard for NFL players to not shoot people, not assault anyone, not beat women and not sell crack cocaine? We just don't understand! But, I guess we wouldn't know, we've never been professional football players.

At least Hambrick is a former NFL player, which might justify him selling drugs? He might really need the money. You never know!

Image Source www.espn.com
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