Tupac Would Have Celebrated 39th Birthday Today

Happy birthday, Tupac Shakur. The late rapper, who died in 1996 after being fatally shot in a drive-by shooting, would have turned 39 today had he survived the attack.

Tupac (BET.com)
It's been almost 14 years since his death, but Tupac's legacy lives on. MTV.com notes that rappers like DMX, Ja Rule and Kanye West have learned from his example of making insightful hip-hop music.

Tupac's work focused on sex, drugs and violence, but he also made a name for himself by touching on more political and controversial subjects. Teenage pregnancy, racism and police brutality were also themes in his music, which has gone onto sell tremendously well (and continues to be quite influential) after his death.

Tupac's close pal Treach (the Naughty by Nature MC) told MTV that the rapper seemed to have an inkling that he'd pass away early.

Treach said, "We spoke many a time, and he was like, 'I don't see myself growing old.' You gotta listen to songs like 'If I Die 2Nite' and 'I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto.' When he was in that mode, in that zone, you gotta be like, 'What's going on? You a'ight?'"