Turin and Sanchez Chamade Review

Chamade by Guerlain for Women Turin and Sanchez (aka Luca Turin and partner Tania Sanchez), are famous for their perfume reviews. They've published what many in the industry consider to be the definitive work compiling perfume brands, products, and write-ups.  Their reviews are now available in paperback, but are not generally published online.

Chamade is a perfume with top notes of  Hyacinth and Jasmine.  It also evokes Ylang-Ylang, Blackcurrant buds, and Galbanum, to a trained nose.  The base notes are Vanilla, Wood, and some Balsamic.  Most web reviews of Chamade are positive.  As we wait for the official Turin/Sanchez write up, we can look at customer reviews online.  In summary:

  • "Chamade is a superb, classical perfume, feminine and mysterious, worthy of the great name of Guerlain."
  • "I like the hint of vanilla, it adds to the florals"
  • "A classic"

  • "I really envy the noses who would smell any hyacinth in it."
  • "To me it is a nice but unremarkable floral."
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