What Does Bella Swan's Mother Renée Dwyer Do For a Living?

By Alicia Dennis on
(Bauer Griffin) Sarah Clarke plays Renée Dwyer The fictional characters in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga have captured the hearts of thousands of dedicated fans, so of course there are burning questions about some of the peripheral characters. One question many dedicated Twi-hards seem to have is what kind of work Bella Swan's mother Renée Dwyer holds down.According to the Twilight Saga Wiki, Dwyer is a fun-loving and artistic woman who initially worked as a waitress in Forks, Washington...Read Full Story

Renee Cullen? No It's Renee Dwyer and Renesmee Cullen

By JJ Duncan on
Renee Cullen is a commonly searched-for name associated with Twilight, but unfortunately there is no character named Renee Cullen in the books. It's an easy mistake to make because of the similarity to two actual characters in the books.First is Renee Dwyer, Bella Swan's mother. Renee is a loving mom who shows concern for Bella throughout the books, but ultimately defers to her daughter's judgment. Renee gives her blessing to Bella's marriage to Edward Cullen before the two tie the knot...Read Full Story

Characters on 'Twilight': Pictures and Descriptions

By Deena Bustillo on
The characters on Twilight are a complicated bunch! There's the vampires, and the Volturi, and the werewolves, and Victoria and her crew, Bella and the humans, and we're just getting started! Each type of characters brings something new to the series -- and movies. Robert Pattinson (Getty) The next Twilight flick doesn't hit theaters until November 18, 2011, with the final film in the 2-part finale will come out in November 2012. So, needless to say, we all have a long wait!Brush up on your...Read Full Story

'Twilight' Characters: The Cullens

By JJ Duncan on
The Cullens, AKA the Olympic Coven, are at the center of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight universe. The name Cullen originates with family patriarch Carlisle Cullen, who created a family of "vegetarian" vampires who don't kill people. The Cullen crest seen in the movies consists of a hand (signifying a pledge of faith) over a lion (courage) set above a chevron (another word for banner, it signifies protection) with three shamrocks (perpetuity).Carlisle Cullen(played by Peter Facinelli in the movies...Read Full Story