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Tyler Hoechlin Arrivals at the John Varvatos Stuart House Benefit
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Tyler Hoechlin Arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards — Part 2
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Tyler Hoechlin Arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards — Part 3
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Tyler Hoechlin Picture
2005 - 2005
The two worked together, with Hoechlin guest starring on Rosman's show "Seventh Heaven." Rumors arose online that the...

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Finale Lunar Eclipse Brings Surprises

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(An unlikely if sexy duo. Photo: MTV) The Teen Wolf finale is here, and lucky for all you gorgeous people, I am also here to recap it in all its splendor. When we left our favorite trio of a werewolf, a werewolf huntress, and Stiles, the gang was freezing themselves to death in the hopes that they could act as a substitute sacrifice for their parents. For the gang, death is a lot like a large empty room with the roots of the bogus tree sitting in it. After remembering the day Scott was turned...Read Full Story

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The One Where Everyone Kind of Dies

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(Stiles, back in the non-panic-attack-having days. Photo: MTV) If there’s a right way to open any episode of Teen Wolf it is by having Stiles beat the tar out of Derek — and that’s exactly what happened this week. Having roused the stubble-having-est of all the wolves, Stiles hangs out in the hospital to crack wise to the law, in this case, a grim federal agent. This works okay until the dude makes digs about Sheriff Stilinski’s old-time drinking problem. Uncool. Meanwhile Derek fills in the...Read Full Story

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The One Where The Real Final Sacrifices Are Made Known

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(Work that bat, Stiles - Work. It. [photo: MTV])Things Teen Wolf loves: Capsule episodes — and with all the madness of last week, we could use a possible dark-druid-inspired storm shutting down the hospital and trapping its occupants for this week's episode. This is even more true if it means a whole hour of Peter Hale in his deep V-cut top, amiright? But before we get to the hospital madness and everything that happened, we’ve got to look at The English Teacher Druid trying to talk Derek...Read Full Story

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Lydia's Powers Revealed By The Shocking Killer!

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(I need no morphine... just Derek's gaze.) With Stiles spilling all his secrets to his dad, and Allison's own poppa potentially a murdering psychopath, this was a complicated episode for dad's everywhere. Except for my dad. He rocks. This week’s Teen Wolf starts off in the abandoned, dark halls of the high school, after hours. All is not well at Beacon Hills High. Poor Danny and his gaggle of nameless musical friends are banished by a nervous lady deputy of the law who is hearin’ haunting...Read Full Story

Casting Rumor: Would 'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Hoechlin Make a Good Batman?

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images | Illustration by Zimbio)Man of Steel director Zack Snyder made headlines over the weekend when he broke the news at Comic-Con that his Superman follow-up would hit theaters in May 2015, and that Batman would be in the movie. The big follow-up question, of course, is: Who will play Batman?According to rumors first reported on Cosmic Booknews, Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin is in the running for the role, which will not be tied to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Henry Cavill...Read Full Story
Tyler Hoechlin Wall
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