Remember J-Kwon? He's Back, and Dissing Odd Future

(Getty Images)It's a startlingly big day for J-Kwon, the St. Louis rapper who had a megahit in 2004 with "Tipsy" and then vanished off the face of the earth.

First, Kanye West name-dropped him in his fascinating interview with the New York Times, listing J-Kwon's lone hit as an example of the type of production he's working with on his upcoming album, Yeezus. It was a compliment bookended with mild insults.

"The last record I can remember — and I’m going to name records that you’ll think are cheesy — but like, J-Kwon, 'Tipsy,'" Kanye insisted. "People would think that’s like a lower-quality, less intellectual form of hip-hop, but that’s always my No. 1."

It was, in all honesty, probably the first time J-Kwon's name had been mentioned in the press in a couple of years — maybe since that time people thought he was dead. And then, within hours, J-Kwon dropped a new song.

"Pushing the Odds" is a hilariously prissy diss track aimed at Odd Future and Pusha T, both of whom have snarked at him in song in the past. There's a direct reference to the offensive Odd Future line ("I bet you got some J-Kwon, you ain't got no f**kin Yeezy?") and the chorus, "All I wanna know is why they pickin' on me? / Cause I f**k around and pop yo' ass."

Tyler the Creator, it should be noted, is freaking thrilled.

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