Finding an Internship

Landing an internship in college is a really essential part on developing your skills and giving yourself the competitive edge over your peers.  Although finding an internship can be frustrating, the rewards are well worth the struggle.

In my internship search, I've found doing some things can be really helpful.  Here's what I did, that has helped me find an internship:

  1. Always have an updated and solid resume (it's like you business card)
    • make sure your resume fits on one page
    • go to any resume reviews your school offers, it can never hurt
  2. Go to all your schools career fairs that are related to what you might want to do
  3. Utilize your school's career center and any services/programs that could help you get ahead
  4. Always send a cover letter when applying to a job online, unless stated otherwise
  5. Always follow-up with at least a e-mail thank you, it not a hand-written one
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