Avoid mold with your underground home plans

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"The moisture in the air condenses when it contacts cool outside walls. Though there may not be enough moisture to run, it will be enough to attract mold and mildew."This can be a real problem for underground homes and living spaces.  Be sure to account for moisture and condensation when planning your interior space. "The only answer is to have enough insulation so that the interior surface temperature of the walls equals the temperature of the air inside the house. Three inches of urethane...Read Full Story

Cool examples of underground home plans

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"cool" underground homes... exactly what folks in Coober Pedy are looking for.  This town is an amazing example of underground living.Located in the Australian outback, Coober Pedy has very hot summer temperatures.  Most residents live in  constructed caves bored into the hillsides.  These underground homes maintain a more constant temperature throughout the year and help keep Coober Pedy families cool.Read Full Story
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