Lubica Slovak & Usain Bolt: Did They Split Because of Race Pressure?

Getty Images | Inset from the Jamaica Observer
(Getty Images | Inset from the Jamaica Observer)Lubica Slovak and Usain Bolt split before his trip to London for the 2012 Olympics, and word is that Usain broke up with her to focus on the Games. And while Usain boasts a world-wide fan base, it's doubtful many of his British and American fans know about the controversy Bolt faced over the romance in his native Jamaica.

This picture of Usain Bolt kissing Lubica Slovak sparked controversy in Jamaica. (From The Jamaica Observer)
Bolt's interracial relationship was met with some prejudice by readers of the Jamaica Observer when the newspaper printed a picture of the couple kissing in March. Here are a couple of sample comments:

  • David Williams: "I dont grudge you Mr Bolt but why couldn't it be a black woman?"
  • george parker: "I have always known that there is something not right about Botl, now i can see what it is, he is a dam jackass. one minute he made us proud and the other, he makes all black people ashame, I wonder where the balance lies with the proud or the ashamed, I opt for the latter."
  • Better JA: "People, people, whats with all these racial comments?? can't you look at the picture and only see a man kissing a woman? thats all it is and should be. i can understand the "sour grape" comments from the females but certainly not the racist ones. we cant demand equality from other races when we have these impediments in our head. BREATHE, STRETCH, LET IT GO!!"

Usain Bolt runs to his "Slovakian fashion designer" in a cartoon by Clovis Brown. (From The Jamaica Observer)
The Jamaica Observer also ran a comic by popular cartoonist Clovis Brown that showed Bolt running past a "local" black woman into the arms of a white "Slovakian fashion designer." Clearly race is still a contentious topic of discussion when it comes to relationships in Jamaica, but did the controversy sabotage Bolt's relationship? If it did, Bolt isn't letting it influence his taste in women.

Britain's Daily Star spoke with the sprinter over the weekend, and he couldn't stop talking about his interest in Girls Aloud singer and TV personality Cheryl Cole.

"Cheryl Cole is always in the media and I can see why," he said. "She is so beautiful. I think for me it is between her and Rihanna for the most beautiful woman in the world."

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