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Uwe Boll 'Max Schmeling' - German Premiere
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The World's Worst Director Is Very Angry at You for Not Crowd Funding His Movie

By JJ Duncan on
Uwe Boll has some choice words for anyone who didn't contribute to his Kickstarter.Read Full Story

Uwe Boll funny interview

By Staff Account on
In an interview with Wired...funny kick off here... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uwe Boll: Hello. Wired News: Hello, this is Chris Kohler. UB: Yes, hi, hi. Yeah, now we can do this but whatever we say in the interview, you have to, you cannot censor, right? WN: Of course not. I have no... UB: And whatever I say, you have to print it how it is, and correct the spelling. WN: And correct the...Read Full Story