Funny, Unusual MotoGP Crash (Video)

By Adam Wenger on
Leave it to the community at reddit to find this gem. Over the course of motoGP history, there have been countless crashes, some fatal, others hilarious, but perhaps none have been as unusual and amusing as this one. After two riders crashed on the same turn, their bikes ended up locked up. The result: neither rider could grab their bike as the two motorcycles spun around on the track for a good minute, amusing those at home watching, but infuriating the riders who wanted to go on with the...Read Full Story

Rossi vs. Stoner Apology Transcript

By John Newlin on
After the race – after Valentino Rossi took out Honda's Casey Stoner in a lowside crash – Rossi went into the Australian's paddock immediately to apologize. The transcript from that conversation is below.  Rossi was able to get back on his Ducati and finish an impressive 5th, while Stoner, who was furious, was out of the race. Rossi is still recovering from a year-old shoulder injury that happened while dirtbike training. Stoner is otherwise in good health and neither was injured in the...Read Full Story

Valentino Rossi Crashes Big at Mugello, Out of Race

By John Newlin on
Nine times MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi suffered a nasty high-side crash during the second free practice at his home track of Mugello. His injuries will for sure put his 10th world title chances in jeopardy, if not dashing them competely. The compound fracture of Rossi's shin is the first major injury of the Italian's long career in motorcycle racing and it will keep him in the hospital for at least a week but up to 10 days, according to doctors. Within hours of the crash, and after...Read Full Story

Zimbio Exclusive: Interview with Valentino Rossi

By John Newlin on
Go anywhere in Europe and ask someone on the street if they're a fan of "The Doctor" and you'll likely hear a very long and passionate discourse about the greatest motorcycle racer the world has ever known. On June 27, 2009, at only 30 years old, Valentino Rossi (a.k.a. "The Doctor") won his 100th race. He's one of the highest paid athletes in the world (in 2008, he made $34 million) and chasing him down for an interview is no small task. So the strategy was to fire off as many questions as...Read Full Story