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Valerie Jarrett Joe Biden and Ron Klain Meet with Aid Groups
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Ron Klain, Joe Biden 
Valerie Jarrett Barack Obama Receives Update on Ebola Outbreak
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Valerie Jarrett The Obamas Host a White House Dinner
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Valerie Jarrett -- Top Obama advisor on cover of NYT Magazine

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Valerie Jarrett, the Chicago lawyer and businesswoman is among Barack Obama's closet advisors, appears on the cover of the New York Times magazine this weekend.The article looks at the role Jarrett has carved out for herself within Obama's administration.From an article at the New York Times: On Jan. 25, 2008, the day before the South Carolina Democratic primary, Barack Obama endured a grueling succession of campaign events across the state. When his staff informed him that the evening...Read Full Story

Valerie Jarrett to Land in Barack Obama's Adminstration?

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Valerie Jarrett (seen at left with Michelle Obama at the DNC) is rumored to be on the short list for several positions within the Obama adminstration. Part of Obama's inner circle, she has been close to the Democratic nominee since hiring his soon-to-be wife Michelle away from her private practice to help serve in the adminstration of Mayor Richard Daley in 1991.Among the positions Jarrett is reportedly up for include Deputy Chief of Staff, Counselor, and, most surprisingly, Secretary of...Read Full Story
Valerie Jarrett Wall
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