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Victoria Hopper Denis Hopper Et Le Nouvelle Hollywood Dinner
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Victoria Hopper Cannes 2008: Palme d'Or Closing Ceremony - Arrivals
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Victoria Hopper Gagosian Gallery Opening Reception For Julian Schnabel
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Victoria Hopper Pictures and Bio

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Getty Images More on Victoria Hopper Victoria Hopper Death Threats Doc Says Wife Is Bad for Dennis Hopper's Health Dennis Hopper Passes Away at 74 Victoria Hopper was the soon-to-be ex-wife of the late Dennis Hopper. The actor died at 74 on May 29, 2010 after a battle with prostate cancer, and the two had been in a bitter divorce war for months. The two had been estranged, and the sick actor's doctors had warned that their fights were bad for his health. A declaration made by the...Read Full Story

Victoria Hopper Death Threats

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For some married couples, it seems, the "till death do you part" bit seems more like a call to action than a vow of fidelity. At least that's what Dennis Hopper's assistant Emily Davis is claiming in legal documents uncovered by TMZ today, saying that his wife Victoria Hopper tried to kill him. Less clear is how exactly she tried to do so. The document states that the Hopper household was "at the mercy of [wife Victoria's] cruelty." It also states that Victoria was "trying to kill [Dennis...Read Full Story

Doc Says Wife Is Bad for Dennis Hopper's Health

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Getty ImagesActor Dennis Hopper is suffering from prostate cancer, and apparently his estranged wife Victoria Hopper isn't doing anything to help his condition. Dennis filed for divorce last month and has been granted a restraining order to keep Victoria at least 15 yards away from him at all times, as she has “repeatedly subjected him to severe emotional distress." A declaration made by the star’s doctor, Dr. David Argus read: "The presence of his estranged wife is hampering Mr. Hopper's...Read Full Story