Artwork by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio
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At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy alarmist, the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI, for short) does often feel closer than ever. True, we sailed past the would-be apocalypse of 2012, but safety has always been a fickle thing — you never know when mass-scale disaster can strike!

Thankfully, Hollywood has provided us with a trove of doomsday movies that touch on every TEOTWAWKI possibility imaginable. We've seen films that cover everything from alien invasions, to nuclear wastelands, to zombie apocalypses, and disease pandemics. 

By helping us think semi-seriously about situational disasters, these films can hopefully do more than entertain. So, take this time to reflect and internalize all the valuable information Tom Cruise and the likes have instilled over the years. First up: always keep the essentials in your backpack.