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William Oefelein's private emails released by NASA

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NASA has released over 200 pages of email communications between Lisa Nowak , Colleen Shipman , and Bill Oefelein. The e-mail text made national headlines on Thursday when NASA released them as part of a Freedom of Information Act request. Both Lisa Nowak and Bill Oefelein lost their NASA astronaut jobs after Lisa was arrested for driving cross-country and allegedly assaulting Colleen Shipman. Lisa Nowak has been charged with attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary with assault. She has...Read Full Story

William Oefelein probably agrees that Lisa Nowak is insane

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“Even the most naive observer should recognize that Lisa Nowak’s behavior on Feb. 5 was uncharacteristic and unpredicted for such an accomplished person with no criminal record or history of violence,” her lawyer, Donald A. Lykkebak, said in a statement.Lisa Nowak plans to plead insanity in her defense.Read Full Story

An update on William Oefelein and Lisa Nowak

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William Oefelein is the space pilot who was at the center of a love triangle that amazed the nation just a few months ago, he has now been reassigned to the Navy, his original corps.  The US Space Agency has not released details about why Bill is moving back to the Navy, but it seems likely that the Lisa Nowak incident hurt his position within NASA. Astronaut Lisa Nowak, who had an affair with him and then drove across the country in a diaper to attack Bill' girlfriend, is awaiting trial on...Read Full Story

Astronaut William Oefelein has a crazy interest

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"Well I — yeah, I don't, it's hard to consider her a girlfriend, she was an ex, um, I — I wouldn't — she was an ex-interest, I guess."That's how Bill Oefelein described his relationship with Lisa Nowak, the diaper-wearing, 900-mile-driving, crazy astonut who attacked Colleen Shipman and made national news.Read Full Story

Bill Oefelein once called Colleen "Lisa" in bed

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"We went to a club in Houston," Colleen Shipman told police. "And then we came home and we had a few drinks and we were laying in bed and he called me Lisa."- Colleen ShipmanRead Full Story