Tattoo Galleries

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People seem to be getting tattoos more than ever.  Considering some ink for yourself?  Check out the galleries below.   Back Tattoos Shoulder Tattoo Back Tattoos Back Tattoo Back and Arm Tattoos Star Tattoo Ankle Tattoo Hand Tattoo Arm Tattoos Back Tattoo Back Tattoos Shoulder TattoosRead Full Story

FAQs About Tattoos

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When getting a tattoo, there's never a stupid question, in fact, there are a number of normal questions people ask before getting a tattoo, especially if it's their first. Remember, if you go into a shop, and you feel uncomfortable, or the artist or person at the front desk makes you feel stupid for asking questions, this probably isn't the right shop for you. Getting a tattoo isn't like joining some elite club, anyone can do it, and you should be comfortable, and feel free to ask questions...Read Full Story

Tattoo Artwork

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RedBubble has a selection of tattoo related artwork posted.  Check these out:For more tattoo art , check RedBubbleRead Full Story

Top 5 Celebrity Tattoos

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Top 5 Celebrity Tattoos:5. Mike Tyson:As if Tyson isn't scary enough... 4. Johnny Depp:Depp is trippy; we love just about every movie the man makes.  Best of all, he's a fan of body art. 3. Travis Barker:This dude is a Tattoo icon! 2. Alyssa Milano :We still contend that her glory days were on "Who's the Boss" but...she sports some cool tattoos. 1. Angelina Jolie:She may have transformed her image from wild-child to super-mom, but the tattoos don't lie!  Photos: Getty ImagesRead Full Story