and, velocity is positive

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Looks like Yahoo has been on a roll during the summer.  According to , their traffic has positive growth velocity.  This chart shows velocity for, not specifically , but there is probably a correlation.Read Full Story

Yahoo's top keywords, Yahoo Mail and

By Staff Account on has a new feature to help track web traffic patterns on popular sites including Yahoo. The search analytics feature lists the top keywords that drive traffic to a particular domain.  In the case of, the top 5 keywords are: yahooyahoo gamesyahoo mapsSo it's clear that Yahoo relies heavily on email accounts for repeat traffic and member loyalty. gets very little traffic, but the main engine of their email service is Full Story

Yahoo is growing faster than Yahoo Mail

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This data is collected by Quantcast.Blue is the main site, green is the subdomain for (note that redirects most user traffic to like Yahoo itself is maintaining some growth, but Yahoo mail has been slightly decling over the last month or two.Read Full Story declining fast

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According to website data service,, traffic to the domain is decling steadily.  Could this be erosion of market share to Google's gMail product?  The main user domain for email on Yahoo is (a subdomain of their main service), but is the official front page to the email offering.DON'T MISS: Celebs on Twitter Find out which celebrities can't stop posting their feelings on Twitter.Read Full Story audience profile

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Yahoo Mail's main website domain is .But the website is also a front page to Yahoo's email service. Looking at the demographics and audience composition of this front page can shed some light on the types of people navigating through the front page of the popular email service.According to Quantcast, has a skew towards younger female audiences. DON'T MISS 8 Tips for Search Engine Optimization Search engine list Vertical search enginesRead Full Story
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